Features from a Father: You’re Going to Be a Dad!

Features from a Father: You’re Going to Be a Dad!

Being a Jamaican, the term dads refer to top-notch, or boss material…many men apply it to being “a gyallis” or their ability to pursue and charm women. Some men use it to show their prowess in other areas, but it is a huge privilege to be called a “DADS”. Much effort and time is put into mastering whatever area one wants to be a boss in… money spent on clothes, time spent in the gym, research on all things sexual to be “On Top” of the game! So why is it that some of us do not put much effort into being a Dad who is top notch…

To kick things off being a father is a rocky journey. A great dad is a dad who does his best…YES, not what your father did as his best, not what the media shows as the best, but YOUR BEST. You see we often overlook that each ‘dads’ situation is different and another ‘dads’ best in your situation [as a father] would be considered as your worse yet it is their best …read that again.

Not many can walk in your shoes and you cannot walk in the shoes of other ‘dads’…well not for long, because it’s NOT YOUR SHOE and how their foot is shaped and how their shoes have become adjusted to their feet makes it unique-The parental experience is unique for every father. Near to Father’s Day, images emerge of dads with kids on their shoulders or playing games with their children. Some of us had absent fathers, some had fathers who gave presents but no presence, while others had fathers who were void of emotions and affirmations.

I encourage you do not focus on being exemplary in the eyes of others, just focus on being exemplary in the eyes of your child. Being an example does not mean perfection, it doesn’t mean mistakes won’t be made and you won’t be fearful at times. It means never giving up (completely). Yes, you may tire, yes you may run, but resting and returning is very refreshing. Look in the mirror every morning and remind yourself, you are a great dad, even before becoming one. Create the mentality, create the atmosphere and flourish. Great ‘dads’ are men. Men who stand up to their responsibilities.

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